THE REALITY- is not rosy

People with disabilities are experiencing exclusion and marginalization. They are deprived of the opportunity to be educated, to evolve, to become independent and to enjoy life.

People with disabilities are invisible. We tend to ignore their reality. We are unaware of their potential and talent. We do not recognize their challenges and we do not try to find collective solutions.

People with disabilities are trapped in stereotypes and antiquated perceptions, that today are clearly defined as discrimination. They are trapped in a setting that perpetuates inequality or offers ephemeral solutions, keeping them dependent.

People with disabilities are human above all. They have exactly the same rights as anyone else. A good life without any “fine print”. What should be expected for all. Nothing less than that.


Social integration of people with disabilities….

Is the best way possible to help them attain autonomy and quality of life.

Is beneficial to both their physical, as well as their mental health.

It goes without saying that in a modern society, everyone’s rights and needs should be addressed equally.

It is a catalyst for change helping ideas and practices to blossom.

It is the best way for everyone, as it benefits the whole society. The weakness of our society to integrate people with disabilities, translates to a 3-7% loss of GDP globally.